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LEAN DESSERT PROTEIN is an ultra-premium low-calorie protein supplement, ideal for maintaining protein intake during calorie-restricted or low-carb dieting. Maintaining sufficient protein intake is essential for building and maintaining lean muscle mass. With LEAN DESSERT PROTEIN, you get 21 g of ultra-premium protein per serving, with only 7 g of carbs and 3 g of healthy fats. And this high-quality source of protein and long-lasting energy comes delivered with BSN’s exclusive flavor technology, producing thick, delicious, dessert-like shakes that will keep you satisfied for hours. LEAN DESSERT PROTEIN works perfectly as a low-calorie meal replacement as part of any weight loss or weight management program. When you’re in need of lean protein supplementation, LEAN DESSERT PROTEIN is the ultimate source of low-calorie satisfaction.

  • 6 Unique protein sources - A blend of fast, medium and slow digesting proteins
  • Ideal meal alternative for low carbohydrate diets
  • 21 Grams of protein per serving - Only 150 calories
  • Contains no soy protein
  • Produces thick, sessert-like shakes

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