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Athletes have long known the power of Deep Cold-Water Fish Oil to attain peak physical performance.Only recently has the rest of the world come to realize its exceptionally broad range of health benefits. The Standard North American Diet is seriously deficient in consumption of Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) and is heavily unbalanced by an over abundance of Omega 6 and 9 EFAs. Known as the healthiest of fats, Omega 3 EFAs provide a wide range of health and performance benefits.A wide spectrum of research has shown that increased consumption of Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids improves the elasticity of arterial walls and helps to reduce harmful levels of plasma triglycerides.Because EFAs are found in high concentrations in the brain, they are essential for nerve conduction and brain function. In addition, a deficiency in Omega 3 EFAs may impair learning ability and memory. Rapid nerve impulses are essential for any athlete.Research has shown a reduction in weight with increased consumption of dietary Omega 3 EFAs. One study with consumption of over 3 g a day of Omega 3 EFAs showed a 26% reduction in weight.ALLMAX has a pure, neutralized flavor to ensure that while you are getting the benefit of deep cold-water fish, you won't have to experience the "fishy repeat" of other fish oil capsules.Enclosed in a dark blue, semi-translucent container, ALLMAX Omega 3 EFAs are protected from light-source degradation keeping your Omega 3s in pristine condition. Each softgel has perfectly smooth enteric coating, evenly tapered and easy-to-swallow with no rough coating like some capsules.Enjoy all of the healthy benefits with none of the drawbacks that some formulations have with ALLMAX Omega 3 EFAs. The ALLMAX Advantage: ALLMAX OMEGA3 Essentials was awarded the IFOS 5-star certification; the absolute highest rating possible. ALLMAX OMEGA3 EFAs are an ultra-pure highly concentrated form of Omega 3 derived from deep-ocean, cold-water fish.

  • Athletes have long known the power of Deep Cold-Water Fish Oil to attain peak physical performance
  • ALLMAX Nutrition

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