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High powered, hardcore training demands you have the best creatine fueling your hard working muscle cells. Hands down, kre-alkalyn efx is that creatine. This multi-patented, multi-award winning compound has been shown in clinical studies to outperform the gold standard, creatine monohydrate, by a whopping 28%. Can you say “swole”?not only will you have the strength and muscle-gorging advantage of kre-alkalyn efx creatine, but you also get beta alanine, akg, citrulline-malate (all using our exclusive dextro-cyclodizedtm delivery technology) working for you. But wait! You also get a healthy shot of our highly potent anabolic amplifier taxadral. Nothing ramps up strength and aggression like testosterone! Heads will turn when you start repping with what used to be your 1 rep max!we didn’t we join the “ingredient of the month” club and use geranium in k-otic for two major reasons. For one, it’s banned by wada (they have by its chemical name methylhexaneamine on their official list). We have countless professional and olympic athletes who trust us, so it wasn’t even an option. Second, we hated the after-effects across the board. K-otic isn’t some gimmicky pre-workout product, this is a serious tool for hardcore athletes. If you aren’t willing to pay your dues one hard set at time, then k-otic isn’t for you!

  • Contains kre-alkalyn and taxadral
  • Fast-acting, sustained tri-phase energy with no shakes, jitters or crash
  • Rapid-delivery activates psychoactive compounds in as little as 15 minutes

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