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It takes a lot of physical effort and mental focus to get RIPPED. You’re going to need all the help you can get. Kick energy levels into high gear; grab a bottle of Ripped Force. Its proprietary Adrenergic Catalyst Technology (ACT) enhances your body’s natural thermogenic capacities and pre-workout energy levels. Meanwhile, over 20 grams of Stacked Carbs help with muscle glycogen replenishment and recovery. What You Need • Energy & Glycogen Replenishment • Heightened Alertness • Enhanced Thermogenesis What It’s Got • 350 mg Proprietary ACT Blend • 250 mg Tyrosine • 24 g of Stacked Carbs • 200 mg of Caffeine

  • 200 mg Caffeine
  • 23 Grams Stacked Carbs
  • 150 mg Tyrosine
  • Pre-Workout Energy, Glycogen Support & Thermogenesis

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