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It looks like iced tea. It tastes like iced tea. But, it’s more than iced tea. It’s Diet Turbo Tea: an iced tea supplement enhanced with Caffeine, Ginseng, Guarana, and Electrolytes for an added energy kick. Watching calories or carbs? You’ll love this. Diet Turbo Tea has zero calories, zero carbs, and zero sugars. What You Need • Heightened Alertness • Enhanced Thermogenesis • Hydration & Antioxidants • Minimal Carbs & Calories What It’s Got • 90 mg of Caffeine • Ginseng & Guarana • Electrolytes • No Carbs, Calories or Sugar

  • 90 mg Caffeine
  • Ginseng & Guarana
  • No Calories, Carbs or Sugar
  • Hydration Support & Antioxidants

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