Performance Stacks

Women's Starter Stack
This stack would be a pretty good starter stack for women (and men if you replaced the multivitamin). It starts with an excellent protein powder from multiple protein sources. You could replace it with just whey, or a combination of whey and casein, but Optimum's Pro Complex is a great start. Multivitamins aren't absolutely necessary with a well-balanced diet, but they are "cheap insurance", making sure you have all the nutrients you need. BCAAs can help with energy and recovery (and maybe even fat loss), and we've also included something else for energy that you can use before the gym or on days when you're really dragging. If you're sensitive to caffeine, you may want to avoid the energy supplement, or find a caffeine-free one.
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Blake's Performance Stack
This is the stack I am using now that I've started back in the gym after a two and a half month layoff. Switched to the Opti-Performance Pack from the Opti-Men so I could write a review about it (check the blog). Been very happy with it so far. The protein and creatine is what I have around, and will probably change as I experiment a bit more (once I run out). I'm sampling the three different pre-workout formulas, not stacking them. Will have some reviews of them later as well. So far I like where this is, pretty simple and basic. A good place to start.
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