was created in early 2012 to help Internet users collaborate and share the various combinations of nutritional supplements, like protein, vitamins and weight-loss aids, they use to supplement their normal diet and accomplish their health-related goals. We saw constant questions on various forums and sites asking what supplements people have used and what they think about them. provides a central location for these discussions, plus the ability to rate various supplements and combinations of supplements, comment on them, and share them with others. This also provides a great starting point for people new to using nutritional supplements, providing them the ability to quickly find suitable performance stacks and reducing the amount of initial research required before experimenting with what works best for them.

Created by an avid lifter and health buff, the site is also dedicated to providing quality information and help. The site's blog is used as a vehicle to provide information on the state of scientific research and new products, among other things. We hope to have plenty of guest blogs from popular experts to help our users. The forums allow the community to share their own information, experiences, and advice on nutrition, supplements, and related topics.

Last, and certainly not least, provides links to sites that stock the supplements. This allows our users to compare prices quickly between various sites, and choose the one with the best price or best deals. This is also how we support the site, by making a commission off of any products our users purchase after viewing them on our site. Although we don't expect to get rich doing this, if you find out site useful, we would appreciate it if you would support us by clicking the links on the here when you purchase your supplements. It won't cost you anymore or take any extra time, and will allow us to keep providing more information and features to help you reach your goals!

Supplement Suppliers

If you run a high quality store that carries supplements and other nutritional products that would fit in with our site, we welcome you to contact us. We want to provide our users with the greatest number of places and greatest number of products to choose from, but we have no tolerance for sites that provide poor customer service or attempt to mislead our users.


We also accept sponsors for our site, either through banner ads or sponsored performance stacks. This is a great opportunity to show off your related products or services. Please be aware that we believe in open discussions, and do not modify ratings or remove comments unless we feel a user is acting maliciously or posting false information, or multiple users are acting in concert to accomplish a goal we deem improper. Please contact us for more information about sponsoring

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